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Lynne was raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada where she attended the prestigious Ontario College of Art and Design. Her career was put on hold as she happily raised her son, home-schooled him, traveled with her singer/entertainer husband Darryl Hollingsworth, and performed puppet shows professionally with her family. She currently sings as a duo with her husband.

As she resumed her journey with creating art, she embraced all media available, favouring Acrylics, Oils, Pastels, Watercolor, and Gouache. Her subject matter is derived from the world around her, whatever inspires her, people or landscapes, seas or skies, or the shape and shadows in a still life.

Largely self-taught in these media, she continues to explore her passion.

" My art depicts a constant fascination with the visible world around me, a world in which we tend to move so rapidly, so distractedly, so fleetingly, we seldom see with our heart what lies before us. My purpose is to take that fleeing moment, capture it, and invite you to feel it, and explore it, enjoy it, be moved by it, experience it."

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