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Kelsey is an artist with a big heart. Notably being called spirited, sensitive or emotional throughout her life for her range and depth of emotions she experiences - she wears this as a badge of honour. She uses the experiences as invitations to create the emotion for others to feel.

Typically Kelsey uses her heart not only literally in her illustrations, figuratively at the root of her art is her heart experiencing an emotion so deep, it's worth bringing to life through an illustration. Kelsey's abilities vary from murals, logo design, 3D structural painting, prints, stickers and more. Kelsey enjoys spending time with black and white illustrations, although her abilities are expansive, keeping the audience and design in mind.

Examples of these can be found throughout Simcoe County in a number of commissioned pieces.

Kelsey comes from a family of artists and knows only a life full of art.

• Instagram - @spiritedstreetstudoios

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