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Gayle works in acrylic and a diverse mix of other media. She is influenced by her experiences, and the people around her. She has been creative all her life, following in the footsteps of artistic members of her family. Gayle is inspired by colours and textures, frequently experimenting with abstract interpretations and a mix of elements. Her artistic journey has taken her from paint to the wonderful realm of paper - torn paper, paper coiling, paper maché, and even woven paper strips!

Gayle has been a participant in several of the Orillia Streets Alive Festivals and the Orillia Starry Night Studio Tour. She was also an active part of the artist-run Zephyr Gallery which had a presence on Peter Street for a number of years. Gayle enjoys opportunities to chat with people about her work, and has displayed her work in the Art in the Pavilion shows and the Art Walks on Peter Street over the past few years.

As a member of ODAC, Gayle's work can be viewed at the Opera House and at Hibernation Arts. She also has an ongoing display of diverse pieces on her wall space at Hibernation Arts.

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