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Deby Melillo retired and moved to Orillia in the midst of the pandemic (Oct 2020) and started to doodle to fill her time. Always yearning to be creative, her heavy workload during her 21-year in the Transportation Industry just didn't give her time to play with her created urges.

From doodling, she started to paint in an interpretive abstract style. She joined the Orillia Fine Arts ( OFAA ) and has since been the Feature Artiist at Hibernation Arts and the Peter Street Gallery on Peter Street in 2022. Her paintings have been hanging in the Orillia Opera House for last year.

Deby and her art have been seen a many a Friday Night Art Walks on Peter Street. Recently she has teamed up with another Orillia artist to expand their their creativity into several crafts and participated successfully in Christmas Markets. She is now working on planning artistic events with her artist partner and inviting others artists to join in. Something about Deby you must experience is her joyous view of life and freedom in her creativity is contagious.

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